Besties For The Besties Tote Bag


Color: Black


A good tote bag is for the schlep. Today it holds your laptop together with a couple of books,  and tomorrow it holds a bunch of celery and a melon from the farmers' market. Quite useful, right?

If you are looking for a versatile, easy-to-pack tote bag like that, look no further. It’s already here. 

If it takes plastic bags a whole century at least to decompose, it takes this tote bag 90 days only.

The shape and color remain almost the same after times of wash and dry

No matter where you’re heading to, your office or a grocery store, it totally fits the situation. 


6.0 oz., 100% cotton
20 1/2" self-fabric handles, 9 1/2" drop
15"W x 16"H

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