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💖If you don't have time to keep your cat entertained, get him a cat corner massage brush💖

A cat's greatest hobby is to enjoy being groomed by its ownerThis is a cat corner self-groomer designed to suit your cat's habits. It can be used as a rubbing object for your cat's comfort and at the same time can clean off a lot of floating hair.😻😻

A Few Advantages Of This Product:

Self-Grooming: Your cat can literally walk by and enjoy a quick brushing session whenever they feel like it. 

The Brush Will Catch The Loose Cat Hair In The Process, which in turn helps keep your home free of excess cat fluff.

Adjust To Your Cat’s Height: You can be mounted on flat walls and corner surfaces at the specific height most comfortable for your cat. Adhesive strips are included, and it can also be mounted using screws (not included).

Easy Cleaning: The durable, flexible brush helps keep your cat’s coat soft and tangle-free, retaining loose hairs as they groom themselves. To clean the brush, you can simply take it out of its holder and push it back in afterwards.

Wall Corner Massage Comb can be applied anywhere your cat likes.

Made of upgraded version 3.0 softer ABS plastic base and softer plastic bristles, ensure gentle massaging and grooming without painful removing fur or scratching the cat's skin.

How To Use

Teach Your Cat To Use It

Look and Smell: Hold the cat brush, let your cat look and smell it for a few minutes.

Brush Hair: Use this self-groomer to brush your body, so that you can familiarize yourself with it without fear.

Add Some Catnip (Not Included): Adding catnip to the inner compartment of the self groomer, attracts them to use this cat brush by themselves.

Install and Teach: Install the cat brush on the wall corner, cat trees or furnitures where your cats usually pass by, and then help them to rub their face or body gently on this groomer, teaching them how to use this product.

Size:Large: 154 x 85mm.

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