Ultra Magnetic Car Phone Holder


Color: Grey


Utilizing Magsafe Technology For A Strong Magnetic Grip, Keeping Your Phone Securely In Place For Safer Driving.

More Stable, More Durable 

①Multi-angle adjustment

②The most durable all-zinc alloy design

③With the most vital magnetic force, It doesn't interfere with use on bumpy roads.

All Metal Body 

 All zinc alloy body, scratch resistant, durable, and beautiful. Always looks like new. Won't overheat at high temperatures, which makes it safer than plastic ones.

ExpertHolder fit for MagSafe 

Our Master magnetic car phone mounts have a swivel/magnetic safety feature. With extended arms and free angle adjustment, they create a comfortable atmosphere.

Complimentary magnetic rings for use with phone cases

Applicable to all mobile phone models (some mobile phones require an optional magnetic drive)


Material: Zinc alloy+ABS

Weight: 28G

Color: Grey, Silver

Package Includes: 1 * Folding Magnetic Car Phone Holder

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